A Work in Progress

Everything is easier said than done, except for gaining weight, that can be pretty much effortless.  But if I know anything from the past two years, losing weight is ten times…one hundred times…a thousand…ok, a million times harder said than done.  From the changing of your eating habits (note the exclusion of the dreaded “D” word….diet), to the exercise, to the having to explain to your friends and family why you don’t need that extra serving of pasta, pizza, whatever your weakness is.  And in a modern American culture where running through the drive-thru is more convenient than planning ahead and making your own meal, and even more so in a culture where even a bottle of Coke contains “2.5” servings, watching what you eat can be difficult.  I know.

Nothing is scarier than seeing that number grow, and grow, and grow on the scale.  But if I could beat it, anyone can beat it.  Even on your first, second, third, fourth, fifteen-millionth try.  And, heavens and earth, I am at least going to show you there is a light on this narrow and rocky path to a healthier lifestyle that still includes beer (and none of that “light” beer nonsense), thick and creamy homemade macaroni and cheese, and Lord have mercy, cupcakes.  Oh how I still make my cupcakes and enjoy them too.


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