Dear Allergies: You Suck

Greetings! No I am not back from the dead, but I might as well be. Death Cold 2012 nearly took me out. Two weeks of sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and enough snot to take care of several boxes of tissues. *sniff* I am still sniffing over here.

Then there was The Great Allergy Attack of 2012. I have never been more itchy and have never felt less adorable in my entire life. In case you didn’t know, hives are not attractive. Especially when you don’t know what causes them.

Well…the first day of hives made sense. I accidentally ate a strawberry product. Long time allergy there, and I should have known better, but everyone makes mistakes. But one tiny bite of evil strawberry shouldn’t cause an entire two weeks of itchiness, red skin, and ugggggh disgusting hives. Both the chicken pox like bumps and those ungodly bubbly “is that a burn” kind of hives. Poopy. that’s what it was.

However, the worst part is that I still have no idea what causes them. At first I thought it was bananas, which almost made me cry. I eat about 4-5 bananas a day…what can I say, I am all about plenty of fruit and veggies in your diet and bananas are the perfect filling snack.


For the most part, the hives are gone. But then this morning they were back after a nice long run. Which makes me think I am allergic to some kind of pollen which is toughing my skin. It sucks. The end.

But the nice part about all of this is…well…is there a nice part? I’ve learned that I shouldn’t take Benydryl because it makes me a zombie. I learned that running outside gives me hives, at least during this time of year. I have learned that anti-itching cream is the best invention ever. And I have learned that there are almost no allergy medicines for hives. Which sucks.

I just sneezed. Loudly. Twice…wait. Three times.

But I am about to take on a new challenge.

I am house sitting for one of my “best friends from high school’s” mother and her mother’s boyfriend. This is wonderful for several reasons:

  1. They have a cat. This is amazing because kitty-kitty and I snuggle all day and there is nothing better than a purring cat.
  2. This house has a gorgeous kitchen and I have already made endless cups of tea and a delicious Asian stir-fry (worst part…I only know how to make 8 servings of this stir-fry so I guess my co-workers are going to get lots of food from me this week). I am going to try to post the recipe tomorrow after I take a photo…I would have done this today, but well, I was too hungry to take a photo.
  3. I have plenty of time to blog.

So here is my plan. I need to review a movie for y’all. I need to discuss how obsessed I am with HGTV, which also means laying out plans for redecorating my room. I need opinions people. Comments, suggestions, “OMG DON’T DO THAT” kind of comments.

You know, among other things.

I am also thinking about giving you peeps a play-by-play of what I eat every day. You will see the unholy amounts of bananas and other fruit that I eat, my obsession with oatmeal, and how I love milk. But, then you will also see how I eat on normal days. I won’t subject you to my “fat” days…like all the fried potatoes, bacon wrapped dates, and endless glasses of sangria that I consumed yesterday.

umm…yes. Look out for a movie review and delicious new recipe tomorrow. Promise. Pinkie promise. There.