When the Weather Outside is…Blistering

I have done a great any things this past week. Posting has not been one of them. Cooking has not been one of them either. I can easily attribute my lack of cooking to the disgustingly hot heat San Diego has been experiencing the past few weeks. Now, I know there are other regions of our world that are much hotter than it has been here, but please. I live in a town with the word OCEAN in it for a reason, I expect nice beachy weather (despite the fact that I hate sand). I do not expect 100+ temperatures. I do not like it, no, not at all.

And yet…I still yearn to move to Florida. I never said I make sense.

So what do you do when it is hotter than the rest of California and you don’t like sand (to be explained on a day when well, I feel like explaining my weirdness)? You bribe your 17 year old sister to go out and do adventure-type things with you.
Me: Let’s go to the zoo.
Emily (looking up from her tumblr with an exasperated face): No. It’s hot.
Me: Let’s use my Living Social deal and go to the movies.
Emily: umm No.
Me: Let’s go to the aquarium.
Emily: I like fish.

For those interested, this is pretty much how every conversation ever goes with her. And half of the time, no one understands us. We like it that way.

So after dragging her away from whatever you do on tumblr, she is way more internet savvy than I am, we packed snacks and left blistery 107F Oceanside for 100F La Jolla. I know, we lucked out man.

But where we went had air conditioning, we don’t have that at home. We went here:

Birch Aquarium is one of those places that most people neglect in San Diego because more hype goes to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Not that either of those places are bad, I have had annual passes to the Zoo since I was born and I would have them for Sea World too if it didn’t cost me more money than I make in a days work….

BUT BACK TO THE POINT, I love this aquarium. I used to take Emily here all the time when I first learned how to drive, which may be why I like it, but in reality, it is pretty much awesome for the cost of admission. The two of us got in for under $20. I call that a deal.

Plus, you get to see fish, you get to touch things in a tide pool, and you can jam outside with some wind/fancy science equipment that makes noise when you move it.

Can you tell that science is not my forte?

 Seriously though, how could you not like a place that has life size whales jumping out of a water fountain. I know I would do just about anything for a pet whale, so this is my cup of tea.

ANDDDDDD, as a locally focused aquarium, many of their exhibits showcase things found right off our shoreline, like this kelp forest.

FUN FACT FOR YOUR MONDAY: Kelp, at the right temperature, can grow 2+ feet per day. PER DAY PEOPLE. Can you imagine. However, if the water is hotter than 62F, it stops growing. Remember this people, you might need it someday.

If you check Birch Aquarium’s website, they have schedules for things such as feedings and talks. We happened to arrive in time to grab a floor seat for a talk and feeding at this California kelp forest exhibit. We got to watch a jolly portly man talk about kelp and fish and then we got to watch divers clean the exhibit and feed the fish. Let me tell you, some of those fish are fisty.

The diver got bit several times. You would think they never eat. SIDENOTE: No divers were injured in the making of this post.

I cannot tell you the wonders of standing by this exhibit. Or really, the number of times I heard GROWN adults scream “OMG HONEY IT’S DOREY. LOOK IT’S DOREY SHE REALLY EXISTS.”


Yes, Dorey is based on a real fish. Her real name is a Blue Tang or Regal Tang.

And yes, you sound really stupid yelling at a poor fish to “stand still” so you can take her picture and send it to all your friends. It would have been much more clever for you to take a picture of a clown fish and post it to Facebook stating: “I found Nemo.”

Or, you could, *gasp* enjoy the entire exhibit for the beauty it was.

But seriously, it was a grand time.

But really, that photo there explains it all. I love jellyfish and I love that 17 year old. I pray she never grows old of her older sister.


For more aquarium photos or to get an inside look into my sister’s obsession with dogs, marching band, and the Zoo, please check out her flickr account: poochskieslove. You won’t regret it. I sure don’t every time I want to be distracted.